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Since I am married, response may flow sporadically, lol. I love showing myself off and I'm down to meet if you're close! I love looking at cock pics, live in the DC metro area, come on let's have some fun! Bi and interested in sharing pics and maybe having a beer if you are in the area. Send my penis pics at [email protected] will send pictures whenever, of anything you want! Came across this site and wanted you to see me erect. I have lots of pics showing me in various states of arousal. It's also possible to have sex with me, if you are the kind of man I'm searching for. In Italy send me pic of your dick and I will send you mine. is my first post AD on mensize, I'm looking for older man age 50 to have cock fun in London UK nothing too heavy just light fun, I'm 50 yo If you like to meet up for light fun mail me thank [email protected] Beautiful cock pictures guys!! Would love to swap great pictures and see more and show more of my cock. Looking to trade pics, maybe meet, if there's a chemistry. Don't be shy, just send me an e-mail: [email protected] in 30's married to a woman, and very bi curious . [email protected] explicit material explains in detail how a man can fully satisfy a woman, with over thirty different sexual techniques to give her a massive orgasm. Love spending sexual times with other big dick hung males. If interested, reach me on [email protected]@Hi, I'm 25 from Brasil. It is very small, and I like to hear other guys saying this or comparing theirs dick with mine. So, if there are some guys that want to send pictures of their own dicks for me, I will like very much (I love to see cocky guys).

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You’ve been ever curious to meet some beautiful ladyboys but you were too shy? Ladyboy Dating is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transexual-Transgendered friendly dating website and it is the perfect place to meet cute transgender women all over the world. Join us today and enjoy all the privileges of Ladyboy Dating without paying nothing.

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Have given up trying to find another married senior to share blow jobs with. Looking to trade pics and possibly more with someone similar to myself. I think I'm on the thicker side of average, but would love to hear what you think. If you like my pic and want me to see yours or chat (or even meet) you can reach me at [email protected]'m 50 and love looking at great pictures, get very horny and jerk off. Age and stats are interesting but have nothing to do with what I like to look at. Send a picture of your cock to [email protected] make my day Hello, I have bi-curious moods and like looking at all kinds of cocks. I'm 65 and would love to trade hard or even soft penis pics, compare and chat/jerk off if you like. My email is [email protected] I would also be happy to maybe cam2cam if you wanted eventually. I love looking at dicks and would like to go c2c one day.

So, I guess I'll jerk off to what you share with me. I'm 22 years old and I've been on here before just looking to have more fun! Email me [email protected]@Hey, I am a cute guy with blonde hair & blue eyes. Not into trading cock pictures, but if you want to see more pics of my smooth boner I will send some to you. [email protected] ...53 years old, 6'1", 240 lbs, bisexual, looking for men that are bisexual too. Love swapping great pictures and even videos want to see any types of cocks! I'm straight accept for some incidents when at school. Message me at [email protected] Wales based; 72 years old and Bisexual; always been keen to see cocks, real or pics. Fantasize about sucking a cock to orgasm and swallowing the load. Send photos of your cock to [email protected] I'm a 41 year old straight married guy who likes looking at dicks and showing mine. My name is hardman and I'm a big, muscular 35year old man who loves to share penis pcitures and videos in all kind of variations.

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