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While the Mongol conquests were among the most destructive in world history, they created a lasting heritage on the Eurasian supercontinent. They had been raiding into northern China for centuries and the Chinese had built the Great Wall to keep them out, but China had usually been able to keep the threat to a manageable level with a divide-and-rule strategy.That all changed when the Great Khan united the tribes into a single nation — even today, Mongols regard him as the founder of their nation — then broke through the Great Wall and conquered much of northern China.Or visits to ruins of the few temples that survived first the Chinese, than the communist purges in a land that had thousands of Buddhist temples and shrines?Or hotels for two dollars a night and helicopter rides 800 kilometers roundtrip for the price of a cheeseburger in Japan?

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The variation that did exist in their DNA suggested that the lineage began around 1,000 years ago in Mongolia.

down the dirt road and skidded to a stop beside a pair of yurts, the traditional round Mongolian tent-like huts. Suddenly, I started humming the theme from the old Marlboro commercial.